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Acoustic Corner's Holiday Gift Guide - 2023

Written by: Ashlee Booth



Time to read 3 min

Brightly colored holiday gift guide graphic

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Music is a gift that continues to give throughout the year, and can be a special way to spend times with family and friends. We know sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift for your musically-inclined loved ones, which is why we've created this guide for you!! In this guide you will find instruments, gifts, and stocking stuffers for the musician in your life of every age and experience level


We are a small shop located in Black Mountain, North Carolina and offer shipping on most instruments and merch! We prioritize personal and friendly customer service, so when you're shopping for a gift this year, don't be afraid to holler at us!


Instruments Under $500  

Gold Tone AC -1 

This open back banjo would be the perfect gift for the beginning banjo player, professional looking for a travel instrument, young student looking to upgrade, and everyone in between. We love 'em! 

Gold Tone Little Gem Banjo Ukulele 

Cute, fun, and with LED lights?? We couldn't resist! These banjo ukuleles have a unique and interesting sound. With the body of the banjo, nylon strings tuned in standard ukulele tuning, and easy to use tuners these instruments would be a fun gift for a budding musician or anyone looking to spice up their Christmas caroling routine!!

Alvarez RF26 and RS26

Small guitars with big sound and personality. Portable, great-sounding, and affordable. This guitar would be a gift for a young beginner or an adult looking for a little kicker or couch picker. We love Alvarez guitars, and think you will, too! 

Gifts Under $30

We have a huge variety of musical accessories, goodies, and merch under $30! From wrapped gifts, bagged gifts, or stocking stuffers, you'll be able to find the perfect gift. We base our selections on feedback from our customers; what are people most interested in, most excited about, and always coming back for?? We think you'll be inspired! 

Merch! Shirts, Hats, Koozies
Acoustic Corner T-Shirt in front of christmas tree background
Acoustic Corner hat and Koozie in front of christmas tree background

You can't go wrong with our classic Acoustic Corner T-Shirt or a slouchy “dad” hat with a custom embroidered logo as a gift! We like to keep it local, all of these items are screen printed in Asheville by Timm Watrous at InkPusher! 

 With T-shirts and embroidered hats at $22, these items are perfect for those looking to spend under $30 on a gift this year. Don't see what you like? Don't worry! We have two other styles of shirts and trucker hats! We've got you covered.

Instrument Accessories
Tuner, capo, and strings in front of christmas lights background
  1. D'Addario Micro Tuner is a great option for guitar, mandolin, or banjo players with an easy to use adjustable clamp for any size of headstock. Super accurate and easy to tune on stage in noisy environments, we love these tuners! 
  2. Most gigging musicians and amateurs alike love the Paige capo for its versatility and adjustability. Not too tight to affect pitch, but secure! 
  3. If you're looking for a treated phosphor bronze string, we can't recommend the XS series from D'Addario enough. They feel good in the hands and sound killer! We carry them in several different gauges and for mandolin as well! 
Stocking Stuffers

These items would be great surprises to find in a stocking these holidays!! 

String Swings are fabulous for displaying your collection of guitars, mandolins, banjos, violins, ukuleles, and/or dulcimers. We even use them here in the shop to display all of our instruments in the showroom. Super affordable and easy to install, they are awesome. 

We carry a variety of Music Nomad instrument care supplies here in the shop but these are just a couple of our favorites. The tool set keeps your instruments clean and dust free and the F-One oil is an all natural oil that keeps your fingerboard hydrated and frets shiny!! 

String swing and nomad tool set in front of christmas stars background
Honorable Mentions

Okay… it feels kind of wrong to call the Eastman line an “Honorable Mention” since you will always hear us singing their praises. 

We would be remiss not to mention the killer sale we're running on Eastmans, though. Our offering of 10% off all new Eastman instruments means you're getting an even better deal on these fabulous instruments. If you've been waiting to pull the trigger on a new Eastman, now might be your time!! Come snag a gift for yourself this year… as a treat :)

Among our favorites of our Eastman offerings are from the E1 and E2 series of guitars. For a price tag under $600, you are getting an all-solid instrument with bone nut and saddle and a nicely padded gig bag. What we also notice is the absolutely killer neck sets on these and all Eastman guitars. 

We hear it at least once a week from our customers; the quality of Eastman instruments for their price just can't be beat. The sound quality and playability even make them fierce contenders with some of our more high end offerings!

From November 24th through December 8th, use code EASTMANTEN for 10% off all new Eastman instruments. Our gift to you! 

Still not sure what to gift to your loved ones?? Never fear! We've got you covered with a gift card!