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Acoustic Corner was founded in Black Mountain, North Carolina in 2000 with a mission to bring high quality stringed instruments to the Asheville area. Over 20 years later, we continue to provide affordable student instrument rentals, boutique makes, as well as vintage instruments to students, local and touring musicians, and hobbyist musicians. 

our brands

We’ve all heard it said, “You get exactly what you pay for!” That is true, but not the whole truth. Most of us know from personal experience that it is also possible to get less than what we paid for. We purchased the expensive brand with the well-known name promoted in beautiful glossy ads only to find that it didn’t live up to it’s reputation. Fortunately, most of us have probably had the pleasant surprise of purchasing something that performed brilliantly. In that case, we got more than what we paid for.

Over 20 years, we’ve learned a lot about various instrument manufacturers and have chosen to carry brands that have a track record of high quality, great value and strong commitment to customer satisfaction and support. Though some who are new to the musical instrument world may not be familiar with some of their names, we are convinced these companies produce instruments that in quality of construction and performance match – and even surpass – many of the more costly instruments produced by the “glossy ad” manufacturers whose names are so well known. We are glad to be dealers for the following instruments because we believe that they represent a really good opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to get more than what you paid for.