Acoustic Corner Rental Program

      Acoustic Corner has been the “go-to” source for stringed instrument rentals in the greater Asheville area for nearly 20 years - earning the trust and praise of students, parents and instructors throughout the area. 

     We begin with instruments that are of noticeably higher quality than those generally available as rental instruments. Brands like Eastman & Shen are well-known and respected among knowledgeable string instructors for providing uncommon quality and value. We believe in getting genuinely good instruments into the hands of young students to maximize their growth in skill and enjoyment,

     Also, we are the only locally owned shop that owns and maintains it's rental instruments. We aren't just a "pickup point" for instruments that are shipped from somewhere else. Acoustic Corner has a  full time luthier/repair tech onsite to make sure that your instrument is service promptly and competently if needed. In addition, any repairs on rental instruments are done "at cost" - we do not profit on repairs required by rental instruments.

     Acoustic Corner rental agreements are monthly – no long-term contracts. Each renter earns a generous credit that can be used to purchase any new instrument in our shop when the rental agreement is concluded. This flexibility allows customers to use the credit they have earned while renting one type instrument (such as a violin), to purchase a mandolin or guitar, etc.if they choose.

     Following are some of the basics of our instrument rental program. Give us a call - we'd be glad to chat with you more about your instrument rental needs!


Student Rental Prices (18 or younger and enrolled in school)

      Violin outfit (or guitar, banjo, mandolin) - 28.00 monthly (credit: $10.00 monthly up to $240.00)

      Cello outfit – 45.00 monthly (credit: $10.00 monthly up to 240.00)


Adult Rental Prices

      Violin outfit (or guitar, banjo, mandolin) - 40.00 monthly (credit: $20.00 monthly up to $120.00)

      Cello outfit - 55.00 monthly (credit: $20.00 monthly up to $120.00)