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1890's W.E Stratton

1890's W.E Stratton
1890's W.E Stratton

1890's W.E Stratton

It's absolutely amazing to see an instrument this old in the store. Especially one that is in such great condition .

This instrument was built by Cole for retailers  in the late 1890s . When this was built Cole had ceased to be in partnership with the Fairbanks operation (which became, as it went on, simply the Vega company). This has the usual ultra-fancy, engraved, Cole-style inlay.

It's a high-quality instrument and features a 11" spunover rim, heavy-duty construction, and a mahogany neck with back-strapping and a thick ebony fretboard. 
Outstanding banjo with a great old-time "plunk".
Gig bag included.