Larrivee 00-40 $1798 SOLD!

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Larrivee 00-40 | Front view | Acoustic Corner | Black Mountain, NC

We love 12 fret guitars, and especially Larrivee 12 fret acoustic guitars . . . and the spruce over mahogany 00-40 is a shop favorite for sure. Crisp, articulate voice suited perfectly for fingerstyle playing.


The revolutionary new 40 Series features our "Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid" bracing system design.

Based on our tried and true "X-Brace" design, Jean blended a non-symmetrical scalloped lateral cross-bracing pattern with our standard X-Brace. This means maximum strength using the least amount of material. It's a build that allows even further vibration of the soundboard, while still offering a controlled bass response. The 40 Series are built in America using all solid wood, like all Larrivée's, and feature brand new upgrades like bone bridge pins, nut and saddle, diamond fingerboard dots and 18:1 open back tuners. Jean's exciting new design means a fresh new sound that is sure to appeal to traditional and long-time Larrivée players alike.