Eastman VC80 Student Cello Outfit

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Eastman VC80 Cello | Front view | Acoustic Corner | Black Mountain, NC

When it comes to the student instruments of the violin family, there are high-quality, well set up,  instructor approved instruments, and what we call "violin shaped objects". The Eastman company has made high quality instruments at great prices for many years, and these instruments also make up the bulk of our rental fleet. With out a doubt the best student instruments available. 


Sturdy, fully laminated construction and excellent quality ebony fittings ensure that our model 80 cellos are durable, easy to maintain, and a pleasure to play.


  • Finish:High-Gloss Varnish
  • Fingerboard:Ebony
  • Top:Laminated Spruce
  • Ribs:Laminated Maple
  • Back:Laminated Maple
  • Purfling:Painted
  • Bridge:Despiau
  • Fittings:Ebony with Wittner Tailpiece
  • Available Patterns:Stradivari
  • Available Sizes:4/4 - 1/8