Cedar Mountain Cherry Jubilo #920 $1395 SOLD!

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Cedar Mountain Cherry Jubilo #789 | Front view | Acoustic Corner | Black Mountain, NC



From our good friend Tim Gardner in Mills River, NC, we are lucky enough to hang some of his fantastic banjos on our wall. This particular instrument is cherry with upgraded ebony. 

For customers who want a solid, mid-priced banjo made with our most popular specifications and no build time, this is your axe. Constructed with an 11″ 3-ply cherry or stained hard maple rim, matching three-piece neck and dowel, 25.5″ scale length and 1 5/16″ nut width, rolled brass tone ring, L-style heel, frailing scoop, 18 bracket hooks, Gotoh tuners, side dot position markers, two-way adjustable truss rod, rosewood fingerboard and trim, and nickel hardware. Ebony fingerboard and trim are available as a $50 upgrade (required for international orders).