2018 Ibanez Pat Metheny PM120

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2018 Ibanez Pat Metheny PM120 | Front View | Acoustic Corner | black Mountain, NC

One of the most versatile hollowbody instruments we've had the pleasure of playing. This Ibanez PM120 is light, resonant and unlike the majority of hollow and semi-hollow guitars, the accessibility up and down the fingerboard is astounding! The end product is guitar that has fantastic tone and play feel in addition to being a well rounded and impressively versatile tool that can easily hop between different styles of playing.

"The upper bout cutaway lets the neck join the body at the 17th fret for finger-flying freedom beyond the traditional jazz hollowbody. Maple top, back, and thinline sides with 2 Silent 58 humbuckers provide a thick, modulated jazz tone with a lot of flexibility. Gold Gotoh 510 tuners,  multiple top binding, and neck/head binding combine with tripartite MOP inlays on an ebony fretboard for fabulous looks."

With original case and hang tags. Dead mint condition!