2016 Waterloo WL-12 SOLD

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2016 Waterloo WL-12 | Front view | Acoustic Corner | Black Mountain, NC

The Waterloo is a great small-bodied acoustic guitar for fans of the Gibson L00 or Kalamazoo KG14. Great fingerstyle guitars with amazing mid range punch a great feeling soft V neck profile. Dripping with mojo!!


From the Waterloo website:


The WL-12 is a new variation on the flagship WL-14 that brings together the elements of maple back and sides, vintage x-bracing, and 12-fret construction to create an entirely new Waterloo experience. By joining the neck to the body at the 12th fret, the bridge is positioned closer to the center of the lower bout, producing a rich and open tone with stronger low end response than you would typically expect from a parlor-sized guitar. Maple back/sides make for the perfect tonal compliment to the body design, adding focus, projection, and a pronounced front-end attack that is sure to inspire players of nearly any acoustic genre.

As a standard, all WL-12 models feature a moderate oval-shaped neck profile with a fully adjustable truss rod, drop-in saddle, and a vintage-style sunburst finish. This model is also available with an optional Aged Finish for an authentic time-worn appearance. Hardshell TKL case included.

All Waterloo models are handmade in Austin, Texas.


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