1997 National Style-0 Deluxe

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1997 National Style O Deluxe | Front View | Acoustic Corner | Black Mountain, NC

1997 National Style 0 "deluxe" with original case. This instrument truly does look like it was bought, then stuck in a closet. As close to mint an instrument can get for being 23 years old. Outstanding sounding, looking, and playing resonator guitar.

Founders Don Young and McGregor Gaines of the National Reso-Phonic guitar company met in 1981.  Both worked off-and-on at OMI (the former Dobro Co.) but left due to disagreements with management over production and quality.  They established the National Reso-Phonic Guitar Co. in 1988 producing wood body single resonator guitars.  In 1992, they made their first metal body reproduction of the Style “O” single cone that was soon followed by the Style “1” Tricone.  They continue to make reproductions of older Nationals as well as innovations.