1964 Gibson ES-330 TD $5899

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1964 Gibson ES330-TD | Front view | Acoustic Corner | Black Mountain, NC

Yet another non-acoustic guitar . . . . .but technically, as this 1964 Gibson ES330-TD does not have a center block, maybe we can cheat a bit;)


This beautiful instrument is a joy to play and stunning to look at with its block inlays, gorgeous sunburst, and super light finish checking. This instrument has a very well done headstock repair, which I only noticed from seeing the bit of overspray first, a replacement bridge, and non-original case. Also, the P90's from that year should have been chrome covered. However, these look original to the guitar. Our god friend Mark Burin of Burin Lutherie just did a refret (Mark does AMAZING fretwork ) and setup so this guitar is ready to go. 

Amazing guitar!