1932 Gibson L-00 $5995 SOLD!

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1932 Gibson L00 | Front View | Acoustic Corner | Black Mountain, NC

Sometimes an instrument comes through the door that completely takes your breath away. I knew that a L00 was coming into the shop that day, but nothing prepared us for this!! By some miraculous chances, this guitar was stored in just the right conditions, as well as barely played, and lovingly cared for the last 88 years. This ebony-finished " tuxedo" Gibson L-00 has a visible FON (factory order number ) of 242, putting this guitar at around 1932. The earliest ones were this 12 fret model, and some had a more C shaped neck than the V that other L-00's have. The frets have barely any wear, and the integrity of the finish is stunning. Here is your choice to own an amazing instrument, in impeccable condition.