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David, Tom, Stephanie, Billy, and Joe

Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, just a few miles from Asheville in historic Black Mountain, Acoustic Corner is a different kind of musical instrument shop. In these days of large corporate chain-stores and impersonal internet sales, Acoustic Corner offers an array of unique acoustic instruments in a hands-on, relaxed, helpful atmosphere. We are proud to be your only dedicated string shop in the Asheville area.

We feature acoustic guitars, mandolins, basses, bouzoukis, banjos, violins, lap dulcimers, and other instruments popular in Celtic, Old-Time, Bluegrass, Jazz, and other acoustic music styles. Makers include Larrivee Guitars, Godin Guitars (Seagull and Art & Lutherie), Cordoba classical guitars,  Shen bowed instruments, Eastman mandolins and violins, Gold Tone banjos and resonators, Pisgah banjos,  Gatchell violins, Old Fiddle Road banjos, Kala ukuleles, and Chanterelle banjos, among others.  We also carry a full array of accessories and instructional materials. We have a comprehensive repair facility ready to set up or repair your guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, or what-have-you we also install pick ups, and repair electronics. We have one-on-one musical instruction on-site, and our instrument rental program  is one of the best in the region.

This website is your opportunity to get to know us and the shop, and learn a bit about what we do and what we offer. This is not an e-commerce site. We strongly believe that each instrument is unique, and we encourage our customers to come visit us and experience the instruments first-hand. Mail-order is available, however, if a trip to the Southern Appalachians just isn’t in your plans. Just give us a call at 828-669-5162.

For general information about Acoustic Corner, email us or call 828-669-5162. Our hours are 10 to 7, Monday through Friday, and 10 to 5 on Saturdays. For more specific questions about our inventory, call or email our showroom.

The Latest

                                                             Stay tuned for our new website in the September of 2016!! It’s difficult to keep up with inventory sometimes, so call first to make sure an item is in stock!!!

We are excited to announce that Tom and Stephanie are handing over the reins to a new owner at Acoustic Corner.  Joe Friddle has been an Acoustic Corner customer since the very beginning, and has recently retired as Pastor of the First Christian Church of Black Mountain (where he fostered a very musical congregation). A native of the piedmont region of NC, Joe grew up surrounded by traditional music and is eager to be associated with a business that supports and promotes the music that means so much to him. Over the past few months, he’s been our ‘Owner in Training’ – getting familiar with the inventory, our customers, and our quirky ways.

Acoustic Corner is passing into the right hands. Joe has a deep appreciation for music of all genres, for music education, and for supporting live music and our local musicians. A guitar player himself, he is enjoying delving into the mysteries of guitar construction, valuation, and marketing. Even better, nothing at Acoustic Corner is really changing. David and Billy will still be running the showroom, , Josh Haddix will be our new full-time repair tech.. Joe is going to modernize some of our technology (long overdue), and eventually there will be other changes. But for now, come on by and meet our new owner, Joe Friddle.

Joe Friddle, Owner-in-Training

Joe Friddle

Annual Instructors Concert coming soon!

The Black Mountain Center for the Arts will host, once again (for the 9th time!), our annual Instructors Concert on Friday, November 18. This is a highly entertaining, small venue, all acoustic show, starring six of our finest instructors: Matt Kinne (guitar, bass, maybe mandolin, vocals), David Zoll (guitar, uke, vocals), Laurie Fisher (fiddle, banjo, bass, vocals and more), Dov Duestachio (fiddle, violin), Billy Presnell (banjo, maybe cello), and Harmonica Player Extraordinaire Paco Shipp. Active professional musicians all, they run the gamut of jazz, blues, swing, Americana, old time, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, Celtic, and who-knows-what-else, in solos, duos, trios, and full ensembles. This is a show not to be missed! The venue is small, so get there early, or at least on time. Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30. For more info call the BMCA at 828-669-0930 or email.


Fun in a Small Package

We’re thinking about you travelers, campers, and leaf-peepers, and have put together a fun collection of smaller instruments. Made in LaPatrie Quebec, Canada and inspired by the dulcimer, the Seagull Merlin is a very portable & compact 4-string diatonic acoustic instrument that is simply fun to play and very hard to put down.   The new Cordoba Mini is the ultimate travel instrument, offering the playability of a full size guitar in a compact, lightweight body with an impressively loud voice. And the Gold Tone Plucky mini-banjo is a true backpacker weighing in at only 2 lbs., and can be tuned in C or D. The neck width is similar to a full-size banjo for ease of fingering. It has low string action and plenty of volume. It’s perfect for the very young child, on the trail, or cuddling up with on the couch.

Swannanoa Gathering Instrument Rental Reservations

Wow! It’s already that time! The Swannanoa Gathering catalog is out, and our phones are ringing with folks wanting to reserve their instrument rental for this summer.  There’s more information about our rental program on the Gathering Page. Check it out for the latest . . . we’ll see you this summer!

New Arrivals

There are so many new ‘faces’ in the showroom that it’s hard to keep up:

  • 6 Pisgah Banjo models!! Rambler, Appalachian, etc.
  • Big Muddy Custom short-scale mandola
  • Goodall KP14 Cedar and Koa
  • Special edition Larrivee L-03 with laurel back and sides. Beautiful!!
  • Shen SB88 upright bass, with gamba corners
  • 1920′s Paramount Tenor Harp
  • Shen SV800 higher end step-up violin
  • 1978 Dobro (pre-Gibson) Uncle Josh model. Clean!!
  • James Carroll violin
  • Several other vintage violins, including a particularly nice, bold, well balanced German Strad copy
Featured items made locally

Pisgah Banjo Company open-back  banjos (made with solar power!)
Old Fiddle Road Banjos (and ukes)
Fellenbaum Stringed Instruments dulcimers and mandolins
Bartlett Acoustic Microphones
Earl Fowler’s ‘Suspender’ banjo capos



New Facebook Page!!

If  you’re on Facebook, check out our Acoustic Corner page, we’ve since merged our two pages together to make life much easier and comply with new Facebook regulations . . . Check it out and make sure to “like”!!!

PayPal and Other Payment Options

While this is not an ‘e-commerce’ site, we can do mail order over the phone with all major credit cards. PayPal transactions can be done through email.

Internet Price Matching

As a rule, we do not attempt to match discounted internet prices. Often, instruments advertised on the internet at discounted prices are not actually available; the advertised price is simply a marketing strategy. Please, before you ask us to price match an internet price, check to see if the item is in stock and at that advertised price (and check out our ‘Philosophy‘ link off our ‘Inventory‘ page if you want to know more about brick-and-mortar music shops vs internet discounters).