Welcome to Acoustic Corner

David, Billy, Stephanie, and Tom

David, Billy, Stephanie, and Tom

Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, just a few miles from Asheville in historic Black Mountain, Acoustic Corner is a different kind of musical instrument shop. In these days of large corporate chain-stores and impersonal internet sales, Acoustic Corner offers an array of unique acoustic instruments in a hands-on, relaxed, helpful atmosphere. We are proud to be your only dedicated string shop in the Asheville area.

We feature acoustic guitars, mandolins, basses, bouzoukis, banjos, violins, lap dulcimers, and other instruments popular in Celtic, Old-Time, Bluegrass, Jazz, and other acoustic music styles. Makers include Larrivee Guitars, Godin Guitars (Seagull and Art & Lutherie), Cordoba classical guitars,  Shen bowed instruments, Eastman mandolins and violins, Gold Tone banjos and resonators, Pisgah banjos,  Gatchell violins, Old Fiddle Road banjos, Kala ukuleles, and Chanterelle banjos, among others.  We also carry a full array of accessories and instructional materials. We have a comprehensive repair facility ready to set up or repair your guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, or what-have-you we also install pick ups, and repair electronics. We have one-on-one musical instruction on-site, and our instrument rental program  is one of the best in the region.

This website is your opportunity to get to know us and the shop, and learn a bit about what we do and what we offer. This is not an e-commerce site. We strongly believe that each instrument is unique, and we encourage our customers to come visit us and experience the instruments first-hand. Mail-order is available, however, if a trip to the Southern Appalachians just isn’t in your plans. Just give us a call at 828-669-5162.

For general information about Acoustic Corner, email us or call 828-669-5162. Our hours are 10 to 7, Monday through Friday, and 10 to 5 on Saturdays. For more specific questions about our inventory, call or email our showroom.

The Latest

Matt’s Departure

End of An Era – Matt Kinne says goodbye (sort of)

After sixteen long, good, frustrating, entertaining, and productive years, #1 Employee Matt Kinne has decided to make room for others in the Acoustic Corner staff line up.  Matt has been with us since the very beginning — we hired him to help with shop construction — and he just never left.

matt comp 1

Matt with nailgun; ribbon cutting, 2000

He’s been with us through seven or eight staff concerts (all of them, we’ve forgotten how many)

matt comp 2

Matt with Daniel Coolik; Matt’s annual classical guitar solo

untold numbers of Instrument Petting Zoos (many of which he instigated himself)

matt comp 3

and, of course fifteen Swannanoa Gatherings.

matt comp 4

Matt in Jensen, 2004; all of us in Kittredge, 2009

Along the way Matt has given us more than a fair share of good humor, good music, great service, and wonderful friendship.  He says he’s not really going anywhere, and he’ll still be teaching here at Acoustic Corner, and we hope that’s the case. Whatever you do, Matt, and wherever you go, we wish you the best and thank you with all our hearts.

matt comp 5

Tom and Matt, Twin Bassists, 2001; Matt in Luxembourg



Fun in a Small Package

We’re thinking about you travelers, campers, and leaf-peepers, and have put together a fun collection of smaller instruments. Made in LaPatrie Quebec, Canada and inspired by the dulcimer, the Seagull Merlin is a very portable & compact 4-string diatonic acoustic instrument that is simply fun to play and very hard to put down.   The new Cordoba Mini is the ultimate travel instrument, offering the playability of a full size guitar in a compact, lightweight body with an impressively loud voice. And the Gold Tone Plucky mini-banjo is a true backpacker weighing in at only 2 lbs., and can be tuned in C or D. The neck width is similar to a full-size banjo for ease of fingering. It has low string action and plenty of volume. It’s perfect for the very young child, on the trail, or cuddling up with on the couch.

New Arrivals

There are so many new ‘faces’ in the showroom that it’s hard to keep up:

  • “Player’s Grade” 1947 Gibson LG2
  • Two Old Fiddle Road banjos, including a convertable 5-string/6-string/guitar banjo
  • 1975 Martin D28
  • Larrivee O-40R Parlor Guitar with Austrian spruce top
  • Angel violin from the Kelischek workshop – a beauty!
  • Vintage violins, including a bold, nicely balanced German Strad copy
Acoustic Corner Family News

Goodbyes . . . .   and changes . . .    

Repair Tech Robert Sutton’s tenure at Acoustic Corner ended up being far shorter than any of us had wished.  With a (surprise!) baby on the way, he and wife Sarah opted to do the responsible thing and relocated to Hickory where a more baby-appropriate position awaited them. Both will be missed, and I know Rob will miss Acoustic Corner and his repair customers.

With Rob’s departure, we are ‘rethinking’ our Repair Department. For the foreseeable future, co-owner Stephanie Wilds  will continue doing violin and viola setups and minor repair. Co-Owner Tom Fellenbaum will be taking on a limited amount of fretted instrument repair, including setups, fret dressing and replacement, pickup installation, banjo spike installation, etc. Acceptance of repair projects will be on a case-by-case basis, so please call ahead!

We will, of course, continue to service what we sell, and you can be sure that instruments in our showroom have been carefully setup and adjusted in our repair shop, as they always have been. Tom will continue to service and repair the instruments he produces. We will happily refer you to other area repair technicians and luthiers for work we no longer perform.

Toby departs with BB King

Our canine greeter Toby left us on May 15, following BB King crobbed toby3and fellow music-loving canines to the Great Beyond. He had been going down hill steadily for months with kidney disease, and finally needed to be released from sickness and suffering. His family misses him terribly, but we know he’s where he needs to be. He was a sweet, good boy.

We anticipate the position of Canine Greeter will be filled again later this year. Applicants welcomed . . . older, quieter dogs preferred, maybe one with legs this time.

Featured items made locally

Pisgah Banjo Company open-back  banjos (made with solar power!)
Old Fiddle Road Banjos (and ukes)
Fellenbaum Stringed Instruments dulcimers and mandolins
Bartlett Acoustic Microphones
Earl Fowler’s ‘Suspender’ banjo capos

New Facebook Page!!

If  you’re on Facebook check out and like our Acoustic Corner page, we’ve since merged our two pages together to make life much easier and comply with new Facebook regulations . . . Check it out and make sure to “like”!!!

PayPal and Other Payment Options

While this is not an ‘e-commerce’ site, we can do mail order over the phone with all major credit cards. PayPal transactions can be done through email.

Internet Price Matching

As a rule, we do not attempt to match discounted internet prices. Often, instruments advertised on the internet at discounted prices are not actually available; the advertised price is simply a marketing strategy. Please, before you ask us to price match an internet price, check to see if the item is in stock and at that advertised price (and check out our ‘Philosophy‘ link off our ‘Inventory‘ page if you want to know more about brick-and-mortar music shops vs internet discounters).